Maple reserve special dark

Fernleigh utilizes Vermont’s liquid gold as a source of sugar for fermentation. There are no other sugars – no grapes, no fruit, just pure, Vermont maple syrup. And a little magic.


MAPLE RESERVE special dark

This wine displays more dense, layered, maple flavors, and tannins that drop off at the end. Compare this wine to a port, and enjoy it with a bite of sharp Vermont cheese, or drizzle it over vanilla bean ice cream for a simple and elegant end to a memorable dinner. This wine has been used extensively in cooking. Imagine a bit over creme brulee, in baked beans, or a reduction over pork. Look for more recipe ideas coming to our site soon!

“My favorite of the three was the Maple Reserve Special Dark, which reminded me of a sweet Oloroso Sherry. Again, it had a sweet & salty taste, with nutty notes and even some minerality (which was quite surprising). Complex and delicious, the pleasing finish lingered for a very long time. I was mesmerized by the flavors in this wine, amazed that maple syrup could create something this good. I’m not sure if you blind tasted someone with this wine if they would guess it was made from maple syrup. Highly recommended. “  The Passionate Foodie