Maple Reserve Barrel Aged

Fernleigh utilizes Vermont’s liquid gold as a source of sugar for fermentation. There are no other sugars – no grapes, no fruit, just pure, Vermont maple syrup. And a little magic.


MAPLE RESERVE barrel aged

This fine wine is our Special Dark, aged for at least 6 month in an oak barrel. The oak rounds out the flavor profiles of the maple creating a slightly smoky, rich taste experience. This wine has been likened to a fine cognac, enjoyed by a fire on a snowy evening, shared with the best of friends.

There is also a Barrel-Aged version of the Maple Reserve Special Dark, which is aged in whiskey barrels. This wine is darker in color, with fuller flavors including some chocolate and spice notes. It didn’t remind me of a Sherry but is more similar to some Ports without any of the fruit flavors.”  The Passionate Foodie