Fernleigh utilizes Vermont’s liquid gold as a source of sugar for fermentation. There are no other sugars – no grapes, no fruit, just pure, Vermont maple syrup. And a little magic.


Fernleigh maple wines are a product steeped in Vermont tradition. Maple producers have long described the flexibility of maple as a substitute for other sugars.

Winemaker Erin Hunter first explored the fermentation of maple after experimenting with her first attempts at meadmaking. After comparing the two, she began creating batches of wine utilizing different grades of maple syrup.

Understanding the special characteristics of each grade, Erin has developed an array of wines that maximize the flavor profiles of each Vermont maple syrup. Like the syrup, Fernleigh wines express themselves individually, creating surprisingly different flavor and sensory profiles. The flavor of maple is ever-present, but each wine carries it differently, and compliments the maple with more classic wine experiences of fruit, tannins and acidity.

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Maple Reserve Amber

This crisp, lighter bodied wine has a softer maple flavor, with fruity notes of apricot and [anything else?]. This wine is often compared to a sherry and could be enjoyed with juicy pears and chèvre on a warm summer evening.

Maple Reserve Special Dark

This wine displays more dense, layered, maple flavors, and tannins that drop off at the end. Compare this wine to a port, and enjoy it with a bite of sharp Vermont cheese, or drizzle it over vanilla bean ice cream for a simple and elegant end to a memorable dinner. This wine has been used extensively in cooking. Imagine a bit over creme brulee, in baked beans, or a reduction over pork. Look for more recipe ideas coming to our site soon!


This fine wine is our Special Dark, aged for at least 6 month in an oak barrel. The oak rounds out the flavor profiles of the maple creating a slightly smoky, rich taste experience. This wine has been likened to a fine cognac, enjoyed by a fire on a snowy evening, shared with the best of friends.

“The Tapper’s Maple Mead is made from honey and raw maple sap, and contrary to what you might think, it was more dry in style, with an interesting blend of floral and herbal flavors. It was quite tasty and intriguing, ask well worth checking out. “  The Passionate Foodie

Mead is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage known. Traditional meads are a product of three elements – honey, yeast and water. Originally, mead could have been created by accident when rainwater mixed with honey and natural yeasts.  At Fernleigh, mead is quite intentional, and the result of a creative mix of honey, yeast and maple sap. The maple sap is the original gift of the maple tree, flowing directly from the tap. It is not boiled, like the process that makes sap into syrup.  Our mead is a light, refreshing beverage, with flavor unlike that of traditional mead. Serve this slightly tart and fruity mead chilled, after playing a rugby match, or even a bit of gardening.