Our Story

Nestled in Spencer Hollow, adjacent to the Connecticut River, Fernleigh Cellars is home to Vermonts’ First Maple Winery


Over time, the property has hosted a variety of farming activities , including dairy and beef cattle, organic vegetables and maple syrup. The property offers so much from its’ fertile soils. The beautiful maple stand, blueberry fields, and rolling pastures provide a striking backdrop for the production of the unique wines of Fernleigh Cellars.

Winemaker Erin Hunter comes by winemaking naturally. With a curious mind, Erin has spent time involved in the science of nature. Past endeavors could have been a clue to her future – in college, Erin wrote a thesis on dendroclimatology, utilizing core samples of maple trees and a handwritten journal to compare tree growth as it related to the weather . At a crossroads in life, Erin was introduced to the science of winemaking from a friend. Using gifts of nature, Erin now crafts wine from maple syrup, and mead from maple sap.

Read more about Erin’s start in winemaking in Todd Trzaskos’ book Wines of Vermont: A History of Pioneer Fermentation, Arcadia Publishing, September 14, 2015