Tapper's Maple Mead

Fernleigh utilizes Vermont’s liquid gold as a source of sugar for fermentation. There are no other sugars – no grapes, no fruit, just pure, Vermont maple syrup. And a little magic.


Tapper’s MAPLE mead

Mead is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage known. Traditional meads are a product of three elements – honey, yeast and water. Originally, mead could have been created by accident when rainwater mixed with honey and natural yeasts.  At Fernleigh, mead is quite intentional, and the result of a creative mix of honey, yeast and maple sap. The maple sap is the original gift of the maple tree, flowing directly from the tap. It is not boiled, like the process that makes sap into syrup.  Our mead is a light, refreshing beverage, with flavor unlike that of traditional mead. Serve this slightly tart and fruity mead chilled, after playing a rugby match, or even a bit of gardening.

“The Tapper’s Maple Mead is made from honey and raw maple sap, and contrary to what you might think, it was more dry in style, with an interesting blend of floral and herbal flavors. It was quite tasty and intriguing, ask well worth checking out. “  The Passionate Foodie