Discover the best of Vermont Wine Country


Unique to Northeast of the U.S., Fernleigh maple wines taste of Vermont tradition and the special sweetness of maple syrup. Winemaker Erin Hunter has utilizing different graded of maple syrup to create different wines, each with their own distinct characteristics and flavors.


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The Farm

Overtime, the property has housed a variety of farming activities, from dairy and cattle farming, to organic vegetables farming, to maple syrup production. Today, the farm at Fernleigh Cellars hosts their impressive winery, as well as active beehives and fields of hillside produce.


The concept of farm to table cooking no truer than in the countryside of Vermont. Fernleigh Cellars is all about fresh, local food, and would like to pass down some of their traditional New England recipes, especially ones that compliment their beautifully sweet maple wines and mead.